Smok NoVo X Vaporizer Review

The newest member of the SMOK line of vaporizers, the Smok NoVo X is a sleek and powerful little machine. It comes in three different sizes and has all the quality and performance that you would expect from a top-quality vaporizer. Smok has been a leader in the high-tech world of electronic cigarettes for quite some time, and the new Smok NoVo X is just an extension of that. Like the original Smok Vaporizer, the NoVo X is an extremely efficient unit that will satisfy even the most demanding vaper.

Designed with a one-touch button on the side, the Smok NoVo X simply makes it easy to use. It has an extremely customizable power range of just 1-12 watts, and utilizes two 2ml cartridges: a dual Coil 0.8ml pod and a single Coil 0.5ml pod, which allows you to experience satisfying throat hit with very little smoke, while increasing the amount you get. In addition to the power output range being adjustable, there are color options available for the pods. While there are no color options available for the actual pods, there are options available for the actual charger itself, such as an apple green base, black casing, or a red light.

smok novo x

Another nice aspect of the Smok NoVo X is the large, easy to read, and comprehensive LCD screen display. While the power and temperature options are easily accessed through the built-in menu button, the actual screen display is where you will want to focus your attention. With a full-color screen, you can easily see exactly how much wattage you are getting, as well as what color of cartridge you have chosen. While the screen is not backlit, it is bright enough so that you can clearly view your progress. The large font and large size of the font make reading text a pleasure instead of a chore.

Along with the powerful performance and advanced technology inside the Smok NoVo X, is also comes with some great features. Along with the customizable temperature and power options, the on-screen battery indicator will tell you when the battery is low and when it has run out. The front touch pad is easily used to scroll up and down through the menu options or perform other functions. The on-screen keypad also includes an innovative Quick Release Lock feature, which allows you to lock the power and volume without having to physically unlock the phone.

Finally, one of the nicest features of the Smok NoVo X is its unique and innovative battery backup. This allows you to turn the power off after your Smok unit has run out of power, and automatically turn it back on when it’s charged again. This is extremely helpful in emergency situations where you might need power. In addition to this, the on-screen battery indicator will tell you when you have reached a specific amount of use for the unit. This is extremely useful, as it lets you know how many hours you have used the phone and gives you a sense of your overall usage.

All in all, the Smok NoVo X is a very well put together device that is jam packed with advanced features. It is truly a top of the line mobile phone that can handle anything you throw at it, be it a large number of incoming calls or multiple users on a single device. The novo x vaporizer is a sleek phone that takes care of its user by providing a plethora of extra features and great ergonomic pod system powered by two high powered batteries. While the vaporizer may not be the best way to make a great phone, it is an excellent vaporizer and this is one phone that is sure to stay in users hands for a long time to come.